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Q1 Review-2017

May 4, 2017

Welcome to our NEW quarterly newsletter!

Moving forward, we will be providing a quarterly newsletter containing brief product updates. Want to stay on top of  iText updates? Keep an eye on our website for new blog posts.
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Release 7.0.2(02/17/2017) & (03/21/2017)

7.0.2 is the latest JAVA release, which made some updates for our recent product launches and minor bugfixes. is a hotfix release for .NET on top of 7.0.2. They are functionally identical, except for a fix of an important blocking issue being reported by ASP.NET users. There is no hotfix for iText 7 for Java, because the bug doesn't occur there. The Java version is still at 7.0.2.

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pdf2Data - Extract information from invoices and templates (04/04/2017)

Pdf2Data is a tool that allows for structured data to be extracted from similarly structured text documents. The way that this is done is through the use of rules to define the location of text that should be extracted or the format of the text. 

This new iText 7 add-on is a great tool, providing the ability to unlock the data that is hard to access within PDFs. The definition of a template PDF can be done through either the online demo GUI or through the Adobe Reader commenting tool. Whichever way you decide to do it, pdf2Data will allow you to use that template and easily implement extraction of vital information from PDF documents in your workflow.
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pdfHTML - Easily convert HTML to PDF (03/16/2017)

Our new iText 7 add-on pdfHTML is a powerful tool to easily convert HTML and CSS content into a PDF document, and a premium upgrade to the previous XML Worker from iText 5.

The new solution provides more functionality out of the box, easier extensibility, and more customization options. pdfHTML supports a wide array of HTML tags and CSS properties, handling Arabic, Indic and other non-Latin scripts, as well as processing of responsive HTML by configuring media queries. The iText 7 platform provides pdfHTML a robust and extendable foundation well-suited for future updates or patches. The new tool is designed for immediate use with no customization or configuration necessary.

>> Learn how to easily convert HTML to PDF with our Introduction Blog.
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pdfXFA Release - successor to XFA Worker (03/03/2017)

pdfXFA is the successor to XFA Worker. It allows you to process and finalize dynamic forms by automating form filling and later flattening for easy use and security. pdfXFA offers all of the same functionality as XFA Worker, but also offers a convenient API.
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